Physical Commodities Trading Companies

About Physical Commodities Trading Companies

Physicl commodities trading companies

Zug, an address for many of physical commodities trading companies

Physical commodities trading companies are the companies that secure a supply of commodities from end-producers and help to market them across the geographies to a wholesaler or end user. They add value to the supply chain through their unique know-how in the field of transportation, financing and risk hedging. Companies in this business deal with huge volumes and low profit margins. Because of advantageous legal environment from the site of regulators and accumulated know-how in already established hubs, they are often domiciled in Switzerland, Singapore and UK.

Directory of Physical Commodities Trading Companies

Over 100 physical commodities trading companies are included in this directory. It is a first initiative to aggregate all established industry players in one place as a source of reference for all the entities active in the business.  We hope that our project will turn out to be useful and welcomed by the industry participants.

Companies are divided into following main sections:

Coal –  companies involved in the purchase and distribution of coal.

Oil & petroleum products – commodities trading companies focused on trade of oil and its derivatives.

Consulting –  independent consultancies in the field of commodities trading.

Agri commodities – companies which specialize in physical trade of soft commodities.

Metal – entities dedicated to physical metal trading.

Associations/NGOs – institutions concerned with physical commodities trading industry.

Education – educational institutions dedicated to providing academic research and cadres for the industry.

and others…


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The project has been funded to fill in the gap for a comprehensive source of entities active in the commodities business.  With recent growth of the industry and increasing coverage of issues  and firms involved, as well as a growing number of new comers into the business, the need for a comprehensive directory became more apparent.