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“Since 1922 we have been providing high-quality in terms of importation, storage, blending and distribution services for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene and lubricants.

While we are the sole agents for Mobil Oil and Esso in Lebanon, we also have our own chemical and lubricant production wing, Power International. Wardieh is constantly evolving with the changing market’s demands and is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. This is why our professional services and staff are always ready to answer your specific needs.

WARDIEH HOLDINGS is a joint stock company at the forefront of the petroleum sector in Lebanon, providing superior services and products across the country and the Middle East through its various associated companies, including Wardieh’s network of gas stations and Power International.”


(Wardieh Holdings)



Dora Sea Road

P.O. Box : 11-0012 Beirut,Lebanon

Tel : +961 1-243476 +961 1-243475


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