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“We are a new global trading house, but we have traditional values that go back to the roots of bunkering. They encompass the very best of what the industry was built upon.

Put simply, our customers come first. Whatever your challenge, we know we can solve it.

Dynamic Oil Trading is made up of traders with real experience. They’ve worked in the industry for years, and know it inside, out. We have extensive contacts within every link of the shipping supply chain. We’re proud of, and value the relationships that we have built over many years of trading, brokering and negotiating. They are founded on trust and maintained by always delivering on what we promise.

We operate at a high octane pace. We know that your time genuinely means money. We like to save you both. And our financial strength and liquidity means that we can offer you the best products on the best terms.

Shipping and fuel procurement might be a complex business, but we like to keep it simple. If you let us know what you want, we’ll get it for you, no matter what. Which leaves you to concentrate on running your business.

Dynamic Oil Trading was launched in 2012. The company is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally.”


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Dynamic Oil Trading (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

600 North Bridge Road    # 11-09/10 Parkview Square,    Singapore 188.778

Phone +65 64 37 55 00     Fax: +65 62 95 28 85


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