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“Q8Aviation is one of the world’s leading aviation fuel suppliers.

We provide an on-airport fuelling service at many top key international and regional airports, and provide specialist technical and marketing consultancy services to clients across the globe.

As the specialised aviation subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the state oil company of Kuwait, we offer our customers a secure fuel supply that stretches from well head to wing tip.

Q8Aviation was set up in 1983 as part of the international division of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the state-owned organisation responsible for Kuwait’s oil interests.

We are a dynamic and fast growing company; over the past decade our annual sales of aviation fuel have risen from 1 billion to more than 5 billion litres. Today, we are the sixth largest supplier of aviation fuel in the world.

We operate a jet fuel service at many of the world’s top international airports and have a rapidly expanding network of regional airports. Our customers range from major international airlines to charter, cargo and military operators.

Our wealth of expertise in the aviation fuel business enables us to provide a unique range of technical and marketing consultancy services to a fast growing client base, primarily in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We pride ourselves on a fast, flexible and personal service. In the prestigious Armbrust Annual Survey, an independent survey of airlines, Q8Aviation has won the title of Best Regional Marketer in Europe eight times in the past 10 years.”





Duke’s Court
Duke Street
GU21 5BH
United Kingdom

t: +44 1483 757747 (24 hrs)


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