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“Avfuel provides comprehensive and customized aviation solutions for 600+ FBOs and thousands of other aviation customers worldwide. We offer domestic and international fuel, contract fuel, flight planning and trip support, pilot rewards, aviation insurance, refueling equipment, fuel quality assurance programs, storage systems and parts and supplies.

Avfuel Corporation is the nation’s leading independent supplier of aviation fuels and services. We supply fuel and services to several segments of the aviation industry, including but not limited to: major and regional airlines, freight and cargo companies, corporations with flight departments with and without their own fuel tanks, airports and municipalities, fixed base operators, crop dusters and helicopters, and the military.

Every segment of the aviation industry requires specialized services particular to their specific niche in the marketplace. Avfuel has a range of services to meet all of their needs ”


(Avfuel )





47 West Ellsworth 734.663.6466 734.663.1681
PO Box 1387 800.521.4106 (toll free) +1.734.663.1681
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1387



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