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“We deal with agro products such as :
Grains :all types of wheat,barley,corn
Oil seeds:  sun flower seeds, soya bean,line seeds, rape seeds,
Animal Feeds: sfm, sun flower cake,rape meal, SBPP,rice bran,wheat bran- barley,corn,yellow peas,
Chemical fertilizers: Compounds(NP-NPK-DAP-MOP-) Nitrogenous fertilizers(Ammonium Nitrate,Ammonium Sulphate-Urea) mostly for Turkey,and some nearby countries as well.”


(Kaan Trading)


Phone+90 (324) 326 67 23 or 24
Gsm::+90 (532) 761 07 60
Fax: +90 (324) 326 67 34


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